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Google Slides: A Guide


Google slide is an online presentation application that allows you to create and format your presentations as you work with other people. The google slides are one of the important tools in the Google drive. The google slides are typically viewed as a tool used to create linear presentations such as PowerPoint. There are two interesting approaches that can be used in Google slides in a classroom that moves beyond the traditional linear presentation slides. One of the advantages of using the Google slides is that it gives the user a chance to create linked presentation slides and others turn google slides into an online published online.  In this article, you will find helpful information on how to use google slides in the education platform. as a learner, you can quickly and conveniently create powerful presentations. Some of the futures of google slides that are used in e-learning include the following;


The google slides stores all learning presentations in one centralized area and location. When you store your educational materials in the google slides presentation, you don't have to worry about losing information that you spent days creating. This is because you can store all your google slide presentations in one safe and secure place and this is on the cloud. The second feature of using google slides presentations in the education is that you can share the slide shows module with other learners. When you use the google slides you can share your presentations webinars and other training modules with your colleagues. You will simply share the link with other learners as you offer them a chance to share your presentation.  Read to gain more details about Google slides.


The third feature of using the google slides presentations in education is to encourage other learners to modify their presentations for group activities. As learners you can create group projects and assignments which are based on the google slides and during this process you will be encouraging your learners to interact and collaborate with their colleagues. Another important feature of using google slides presentations in the education sector is they are easy to download as well as creating printed materials. If the google slide presentations you have made are required in printed form, you can easily download and print the presentation.


The Google slides presentations can be downloaded in form of a PDF, PPT, or TXT formats. Another important feature of google slide presentation in the learning sector is that you can be able to embed your google slides presentations into your educational website.  The above feature can be used in google slides presentation in the education sector, view template here!